Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Monday With Extra Detail-

  Over the last year or so I've learned I really love music that combins lots of sounds, with extra instruments you wouldn't normally hear from a normal band. It's like writing a first draft of a book and remembering to add in the details.

  Years ago, before I was published, I was in a writing group. Once a week we would read a chapter for a member then talk about it as a group to help each other out. On one of my weeks there was a scene where a character gets mad an throws a vase. A friend said, "Um, Deb... I hate to point this out, but there is no furniture in that house. So where did the vase come from?"

  It is all in the details. The writer might see a perfectly furnished room in their mind, but if they don't write out the details... Then, all you have is an unfurnished house and mysteriously appearing vases. It's all in the details.

  Out of all the different types of music, from all over the world, the most detailed has to be Korean. The dramas that I am pretty much obsessed with always have the best OST's (Official Sound Track). A perfect example of that is the Korean Drama, Dream High. It is about a high school that is like a Korean version of America's Juilliard.

  The song I am sharing is the main theme song for Dream High. It has so many different sounds and genres fixed together that it should be awkward, but actually is really great. The first version I'm sharing is the song with English subtitles and the second is actually a clip of them singing the song in the show. I hope you love it and it makes you hum it unknowingly to yourself all day.

  Remember your details, love the music and read on!

Dream High OST 1 with English subs

Dream High club scene

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