Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hump Day Hunks For the Other Brother.

 I've been talking a lot about my Zogone character Sam lately it seems. It isn't a well known fact that he has a younger half-brother, Tama who shows up in Ancient Enemies. Unlike his two older siblings Tama doesn't show any vampire qualities other than speed and agility. Instead he somehow manages to inherit some of the Wiccan powers the Puritan Vampire absorbed from attacking sister Jade's mother before his own.

Instead of being like his own brother he is more like Ginger's brother, smooth with the ladies and a young heart breaker in the making. Here is a part of a scene when he first finds the girl who was meant to be his.
  From Ancient Enemies-

Laughing merrily at her Brian shook his head and left the room. A room now empty except for Tama and Caroline. Watching her tidy the room and shut the equipment down, he noticed a small frown cross her face.
 Taking the initiative, Tama slid himself onto the side of the bed, so she was between him and the computer stand. "I can tell you are happy for her, but also sad for you. Why? No husband and children of your own?" 

  Ok so it was killing two birds with one stone, but a man had to try, right.
  "No, I have neither a husband nor any children. But I have to say that was a pretty inventive way of finding out if I was single." Skirting around him she headed toward the door.
  "Why don't you? Seeing Ginger's happiness made you envy her, so why hasn't some lucky man scooped you up before now?"
  "Almost every man I know is a cousin of some sorts or intimidated that I am such a well-respected young doctor. It's no big deal. It's just something I have learned to live with."
  Lightly taking her arm he turned her to look at him. "I think it is a big deal. A woman who is obviously as caring as you should have a family. Besides, everyone needs someone. It's human nature."
  She pulled away from his hold, turning her body away from his. "I don't think this is any of your business."
  He went with her movements, until he had her against the edge of the doctor's long tables. "Let's say I want to make it my business."

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