Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Mondays 2nd Week of Love-

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  Everyone will have to agree with me on this, other than Oldies songs, some of the best love songs are 'Monster Ballads'. You know what I'm talking about- Big hair rock love ballads. Some of those songs make you cry, some squeezes your heart, but all of them touch you in one way or another.

  Here is a song I heard a lot growing up, that always me think of true love and what could be if only you have the courage to try.

To Be With You By: Mr. Big

What do you think of the big hair rock days? Do you like their hard rocking songs or the ballads better? That is a hard question for me to answer.And don't forget to come back and see who is the winner of the Heartbreaker Blog Hop and a copy of my book Past Regrets.

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