Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snippet Sunday With a Girl Pulled Through Time.

Each week I've been sharing a small snippet of some of the powers my heroines possess. In my book One Wish my main character Melanie isn't a vampire, a witch or an alien like most of my characters. No, she is just a poor lonely soul who has lost everything and with one halfhearted wish she gets pulled through time. Unless you consider spunk and pure attitude a super power.

From One Wish-
  As she looked quickly from side to side and happened to catch a small glance of the
Captain swinging his sword wildly, taking out one man, but there was another advancing on
him quickly from behind. Knowing he would never hear her over the roar of the battle, she had
one of two choices do something or stand here and watch him die. She choose to do something.
  A quick survey around and above her gave her the perfect idea. Near by she climbed a
pole, grabbed one of the many ropes holding up their sail and jumped, propelling her weight through the air. Holding on for dear life, grinning for all she was worth, she thrilled at this new
adventure. Well I did dream of being an acrobat as a child.