Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday Now Snippet Sunday-

 Today I'm going to share a six snippet about a secondary heroine I pick up in Ancient Enemies. Jade doesn't have her own story, but she does find love along the way through the rest of the Zogone Saga.  Scanning for Sam's D.N.A. sign Josh finds a second matching D.N.A. sign and tracks it to a young woman named Jade, who turns out to be Sam's half sister and another victim of the Puritan Vampire. What's so special about Jade? Being like Sam she is half vampire, but from her mother she is also half Wiccan. Not only does she have the vampire speed, strength and amazing healing abilities, but she also has some interesting Wiccan abilities.

Here is a snippet of one of Jade's rarely used Wiccan abilities. Teleportation and she takes along her horrified alien boyfriend.

  From Ancient Enemies-
 Grabbing an erasable marker off Brian's table and a cantina, she quickly drew a big black circle in the middle of the pristine white floor, and then pulled Borus into the circle behind her holding him tightly in her arms. "Mother goddess hear my plea, let us be in time to save our friend from deathly harm."

  Borus watched as she closed her eyes tightly, while her tiny fingernails clawed his back through his shirt. There was a white flash of light, then the intense feeling of being unbearably stretched like an old rubber band that was very close to dry rotting. His stomach clinched and he was afraid he would embarrass himself at any moment by losing his lunch all over her shoes. But worst of all was the feeling of total blindness.


  1. Wow, quite a premise for this story and the excerpt was extremely intense!

  2. I liked the rubber band analogy!
    Nice snippet.