Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sensational Saturday

  All my readers know my favorite book I've had published, is the first book in my Zogone series, Old Dreams. In the beginning, I started out writing mainstream romantic fiction. Nothing in the least bit like Old Dreams. The stories were cut and dry. Girl meets boy, they face obstacles. They fix said obstacles, then live happily ever after.

  Sounds like a good plan, but to me it felt like staring at old cardboard boxes. Plain brown cardboard with no extra color or shiny symbols. Just an old box past ready for recycling.

  Not one mainstream MS of mine was ever published or sparked the slightest interest to any publishing company. Looking back I wouldn't have published any of it either.

  There were so many times while I was learning to write that I heard write what you love, so finally I did. From 'the' nightmare rose a story that lead to a fantastic series. There was no mainstream here. I wrote of aliens, vampires, witches,science fiction, and yes romance of the true love variety. And by the grace of God, I finally got published.

  Welcome to the world of futuristic fiction!

My page on my publisher's site!

  Now onto my newest problem of writing myself into a whole. I mentioned recently how I had started writing a story about a young man who goes from being the lover of her dreams to the most disturbing stalker of her worst nightmares. I have the whole full outline written up in disgusting detail. He becomes crazy, obsessive, nasty and down right scary.

  Here is the problem. As I wrote out the story from the beginning, he is charming, smart, sexy, kind, confident and oh so endearing. In short I have fallen in love with this character. So, how can I turn this fabulous character into a monster? It's official; I have turned my main male lead into the young lovable Anakin Skywalker. Lord help me!

  On a brighter note, I've been throwing around the idea of taking my kids crafting experience and coming out with a fun how to book. Have little ones who desperately need cheap fun activities to keep them busy after school, on weekends and during school holidays? Between the kid's clubs, birthday parties and special events I do working at Michael's I've learned tons of new neat activities for little folks. Sounds like something I could have seriously used when my son was small. Any one else think this would be an awesome young readers and children's book?

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