Thursday, March 1, 2012

Haven Sent Saga Book 1- Talkers (info)

 The series I am working on now, is called the Haven Sent Saga. Haven Sent is the name of a popular alien rock band and the series covers the story of each band members fight to find love. The first book Talkers is scheduled to be released tomorrow March 2nd. I'll post the cover as soon as it is finished Book 2, You Were Wrong! (subject to change), is the MS I am currently working on and is the story of what happens to the lead guitarist of Haven Sent, Petrus Ederhard. Keep watching for updates on how Petrus' story is coming along. On to Talkers-



  When the safety of Ritter’s band is compromised by stalkers his uncle recommends Shayle to protect the band and catch the stalkers. Though famous, talented, gorgeous young men, they have a secret from their past that makes them who they are and fuels a nasty stalker problem. When Ritter decides Shayle is the love of his life, how will she ever resist him.


  Doing her job instead of melting into a puddle of lust was harder than Shayle could have ever imagined.

 Rating: Spicy- Adult language, violence and sexually detailed  scenes. My first Epic  length novel.   

 Hero Description-

  Ritter-   He was in his early twenties, very tall, over six feet and slim. His black hair was longer than she liked on a man, falling halfway down his chest, but not shabbily. It actually looked like he had spent a small fortune having a professional stylist cut it. There were even a number of strand clumps where three inches of the bottom had been dyed a white blond. The strange, vividly eye-catching clothes he wore were tight fitting. They showed off a lean muscled body that was obviously taken care of by hard work and a strict diet.

  Her eyes traveled up to his face and he had to be the most beautiful man she had ever seen, with almost feminine features. His pointed nose was a bit thin, added to a tiny slightly pointed chin, high cheek bones, long cosmetically thinned eyebrows, one of which was pierced, which went surprising well with long dark eyelashes and a pair of dazzling bright green eyes.

  Ritter is the lead singer of the rock band Haven Sent. Music is the very essences of what makes him who he is, and he never wanted to do anything else. He started the band Haven Sent, with his twin brother Petrus and two of their childhood friends before they had made it to their teens. They have become really famous, so famous in fact that they have bad stalker issues.

  His secret is that he is desperate to find true love, but doubts he ever will. Between the issues from the past with his family and gold digging fan girls he started to lose faith. But after hiring Shayle he starts to think that just maybe he has a chance. When Ritter decides Shayle is the love of his life, she won’t be able to resist him for long.

Talkers on NCP

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