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Talkers Free Read

 Also for those that missed it. Talkers was also set up as a teaser Free Read back in June. For those who can't wait for the full novel to be released or if you want to see another excerpt for Talkers, here is the free read. It can also be found at- Talkers Free Read!




Debra A. Soles

© copyright by Debra A. Soles, June 2011

Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, June 2011

New Concepts Publishing

Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author's imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.

All of the band members, except for Ritter, were dressed in almost normal clothes, jeans and t-shirts. Three of the members just wore extra accessories. Petrus with his slightly pale skin and almost waist length black tiny dreads added silver threads shining in them to catch the stage lights and make him sparkle. He added a black and blue bandana around his throat and left his natural good looks to do the rest of the job for him.

Wagner wore large leather and metal studded bracelets and a matching belt, leaving it at that. His shaggy light brown rocker hairdo and honey colored skin did plenty for his image. While, Fritz wore jean shorts instead of pants, with a baseball cap and a range of multicolored jelly bracelets. The short spiky blond hair contrasted with his brown skin and his husky frame made him stand out from the rest of his thinner band members.

Ritter on the other hand was their singer and leader of the band, so he had to stand out even more than his friends. He wore tight, red leather pants and a skin tight silk shirt that was black, but sparkled like it was covered in glitter. His mid-back length black hair with the occasional added blond strand, fell around his pale face, which was now bright and sparkly from his stage makeup.

With his back to her, Ritter knelt down in a crouch, popping up and down a few times apparently to test the limits of his pants. It was better to check them now and waylay any wardrobe accidents that may come up on stage. Every time Ritter knelt down, Shayle's eyes followed the motion as the butter soft leather stretched across his tiny perfect bottom, inviting her to look and her mouth to water.

Biting her knuckles, Shayle groaned, trying to ignore the tingling sensation starting in the pit of her stomach. When Ritter spun around in mid crouch, it was obvious he caught her staring. Grinning, he straightened up, sauntered over to her and did a slow dance around her. He trailed his fingers over one of her shoulders, across her back to her other shoulder, then spun himself so he was standing in front of her.

With a wink, he traced a finger over the back of her left hand. "This is your first time seeing us in concert, so you'll have to tell me vhat you think later tonight." His slight alien accent adding to the tingles and weakened her knees.

Not knowing what to say, Shayle just nodded. She didn't know if it was pre-show nerves or what, but Ritter was openly flirting with her. As much as she tried to seem unaffected, she couldn't lie to herself.

The sexy grin and having his hands on her, even the smallest touch, tempted her. It made her think of things that were completely inappropriate with this kid who was her boss. He made her think of things like sighs and heat in the dark.

The stage manager called out the ten minute warning, helping Shayle to pull herself out of a very dirty day dream. Coughing to cover her embarrassment after she realized she had been staring at Ritter with her mouth hanging open. Picking up their guitars, Wagner and Petrus stepped around her snickering. With a shrug, Fritz followed them, having missed what had happened and apparently could care less.

They were the last two left in the room, so Ritter touched her hip and slowly turned Shayle toward the door. "Valk vith me."

Turning her so they were hip to hip, he let his arm slid around her waist and dropped his hand on her opposite hip. Dodging running staff members, doing last minute prep, they squeezed together through the tiny hallway. Their bodies sliding against each other, sent shocks of awareness through her, forcing her to take deep breaths to calm herself.

Just off the stage, she was thankful to leave him with the roadies and the rest of his band. From there she walked back out to the main part of the arena, catching the eye of each of her security staff to make sure everything was safe for them to proceed.

Unclipping a walkie-talkie from her belt, she held it to her mouth and tapped down the side button. "All clear to start."

Releasing the button, she held the walkie to her ear , listening to static for a second, before she got the reply from the stage manager. "Alright, one minute to start."

The main house lights went off and the fan's happy chatter went into loud cheers. Shayle hit a small button on her security pass, held on a string around her neck, making it light up in the darkness. The lighted pass would make it easier for anyone who needed help to spot security.

The lights on the stage came on sending red, yellow and blue shadows shining over the back of the stage curtain. Inch by inch, the curtain lifted to show the stage with Ritter standing out in front with his back to the crowd. Fritz lifted his drum sticks in the air, he whacked them together to start the beat count off.

"Ein… Zwei…Drei…"

Petrus slid a hand up the neck of his guitar, then zoomed it right back down again in a loud explosion of sound, then repeated the process two more times. The lights flickered back and forth over the stage, creating a parade of confetti shimmers as Wagner came in with a deep thump, thumping riff with his base guitar.

As Fritz went to work on his drums, the three sounds combined into a head rocking, satisfying sound. Ritter did his usual concert start, swishing his hips from side to side. Then, as the first burst of pyrotechnics went off on either side of him, Ritter leaped forward toward the middle of the stage.

He spun to face the crowd, yelling out the first words to a new song, Shayle had never heard before. Their old popish sound had bled into a wild hard rocking one. Their young bubble gum image was suddenly replaced with that of adult musicians.

Shayle watched the faces of the crowd as the lights flew back and forth to see how the crowd was taking the change of their beloved band. For almost a full minute the crowd was speechless. Then, as if someone had hit the mute button to restore sound, there were yells, screams and even crying girls hugging each other.

Turning back to watch Ritter, Shayle had to admit she felt like drooling right along with the little fan girls. Ritter was like a master magician. He used the sounds, the lights and color, even his clothes and movements to pull you in. Not only could he sing, but his dancing was sexy as hell, sexy enough to bring a saint to her knees.

Clearing her throat, Shayle turned her head to watch the crowd and made her eyes stay there. Once or twice she caught herself sneaking peeks at Ritter, then instantly jerked her attention away. Doing her job instead of melting into a puddle of lust was harder than she could have ever imagined.

Honestly, it kind of made her feel like crap and quite a bit ashamed to even see Ritter as a man. Lusting after him made her feel even worse. She comforted herself with the knowledge that attracting women was part of Ritter's job and he was especially good at it. That was one reason the band was so popular. It was also one of the reasons they had stalkers and they had given her this security job in the first place.

The End

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