Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Monday With The Truth in Relationships-

  When people think about true love, they see the bright blushing beginning, those lovely shy moments as the couple gets to know each other. From, there, all you can see is the bigger picture, the HEA waiting at the end for you. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  In real life, in real love, nothing can stay perfect. To have a believable character with a believable relationship you have to have the deep dirty details, the problems from day to day. He dropped something in the floor and gets made when you ask him to pick it up. Having a difference in opinion, you think the two of you should go do this, while he thinks differently. Who forgot to buy ketchup? Someone forgets plans or makes new ones. Or worse someone's pride seems to be more important than your love. That's real life.

  My character Ginger, a regular in my Zogone saga and the heroine of Past Regrets, she knows all about the real problems in love. Her love life goes from nothing to a chaotic array of emotions slamming in to her scarily. When she finally excepts that she is in love with Sam, he turns around a leaves her, thinking he has no right to be loved and he has to make up for all the wrongs his father committed.

  In Past Regrets, Sam comes back to win Ginger back after realizing what a fool he was to ever leave. Their relationship is one nasty fight after another from the time they meet until he makes her his for real. So, here is a song that not only explains them, but all love relationships from one time or another.

  Battlefield By: Jordin Sparks    

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