Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday So Baby Let's Go

  Music wise, I tend to be all over the map literally. I listen to bands from almost every country out there.  I've come across a singer who has collaborated with a number of people named Flowsix.  Just for starts he was involved with making JYJ's first English album The Beginning, then he also worked with both Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong on their solo albums.  So I was seriously thinking of checking out his band just to see how they sounded.

  Of course, being a writer I got sidetracked by other things and forgot until just recently. Other than writing, I'm sure everyone knows my second greatest passion tied with music of course is Asian Dramas. Well last week during a commercial break in one of my dramas was a Toyota commercial featuring Flowsix's band Aziatix ( A Z addicts) and I was completely floored. His band was nothing like I imagined. They were great, fun, happy bouncy music that even sick had me up dancing around the room.

  The song they wrote to collaborate with Toyota is fantastic. Here is the full video.

Baby Let's Go By: Aziatix

  Going through their page on Youtube, I listened to a bunch of their songs. Some were great. Honestly a few were a bit to hip hop for me. But others were fantastic like the link below, which is a song I instantly fell in love with. (SIGH) Yes, it has been downloaded and is now on my mp3 player on repeat. It is that good.

Slippin' Away By: Aziatix

  Do you love it too? What do you think of Aziatix?

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