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Merry Christmas and May Your Stocking Be Filled with Books!

So it has been a while, as I have been busy with work, life and barely any writing this year. Once the holidays are over I'm going to seriously have to give myself a kick in the butt and get back to writing.  Not writing? Then what have I been up to? We'll I've expanded myself at work, now taking on Kid's Club and Birthday parties and even hosted a art class for kids that didn't go as well as some parents lead me to believe it would. On the plus side I love my job most days and I have made a lot of friends that have come to mean the world to me and my personal life has gotten stronger and so much better than it ever has before.
  To me as most of you must know, holidays means family no matter if they are blood related or not. For Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, I'd like to share a scene from my most family orientated characters I have ever written. He is Josh Hardigan from my Zogone sagas. Any fan of mine knows him and loves him for one characteristic or another. His brain as he is a weapons specialist and not only a mobile suit designer but also her pilot. His sense of family as his who life revolves around stopping the murder who killed his grandmother and making sure no one else looses someone at the monster's hands. Or maybe you love Josh for his womanizing ways, that sexy charm that reels them in and keeps them coming back for more. Then again, you might simply love him for how quick and hard he falls for the damsel in distress who freezes him into a block of ice on sight.


  It was funny how one event could lead to another, and then another until a person's life completely revolved around that one moment. That was what Josh's life was like.

  It had all started over five hundred years before when a young woman named Colleen Hardigan was brutally murdered by a monster known as the Puritan Vampire. Before she died, her body was recovered by an alien race called the Zogones. Colleen's husband was one of the Zogone's rookie scientists, Dr. Brianth Hardigan.

  The head of the science team realized Colleen was pregnant and managed to remove the fetus before her death, though Brian never knew the child had survived. After death, Colleen received the last rites that would help her be reincarnated and her husband Brian was cryogenically frozen until the day the Zogone's main computers could locate Colleen's life signs after her rebirth.

  And that is where Josh comes in. Colleen's son Borus not only survived but also thrived. He grew up, married, and became a successful scientist in his own long life, with a large family of kids and grandkids. Josh was one of Borus' great-great-grandchildren.

  After five hundred years of their family waiting, Josh and his younger sister Ginger made sure they were positioned in the military to take the mission if Colleen was reincarnated in their time. The moment her life signs were picked up, Ginger had been contacted and Brian was recovered from the Cryo-freeze. Then along with Josh, they had found her on Earth reborn as a teenager named Arlene Garnet.

  Over time, her memories of her past life were recovered and her killer, who was again chasing her, was killed. Or at least that was what they thought. Four years went by and their lives took another unexpected turn.

  Just five months before Ginger had been sent on another mission to recover a kidnapped victim, the son of an important Galactic Security Colonel. The boy, Leap Qualtose, was taken by the Zogone's enemy, the Baygers, to their home planet.

  Ginger didn't go alone, but was ordered to take along Captain Samuel Paddington. Sam was a friend they had made on Earth, whom Josh had found following the Puritan Vampire. His mother had been another victim of the monster. The Puritan Vampire had beaten her, raped her, and then left her with a blood viral infection, which had later killed her. However, not before she had given birth to a half-human, half-vampire child, Sam himself.

  During the rescue mission Ginger and Sam were caught and their transmitter equipment destroyed. In order to recover them, the battleship Replacer had resorted to scanning for their D.N.A. signs, which had led Josh to where he was now.

Find the book here

Don't miss the whole Zogone Saga. Old Dreams, Past Regrets, Ancient Enemies and New Beginnings. I hope you all have safe, fun and fantastic holidays. Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

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