Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tunes Tuesday For a Good Laugh

  I'm hitting you up on Tuesday again, because I was working yesterday and every day before that since last Tuesday straight. It doesn't hurt my feelings any to get the extra hours, but man am I bushed. So, on this precious day off before I go right back to work tomorrow I wanted to enjoy my music with a little laugh to lighten the mood.
  Growing up there was always some comedic music if you knew where to find it. As a child there was the naughty Ray Stevens who just slid over from country to mischievous like this old favorite

Ray Stevens- The Mississippi Squirrel Revival

 And the best reason to giggle as a little girl...

Ray Stevens- The Streak

  On Christmas we always had the 12 days of Christmas, either the pains or the rednecks. Where I came from the rednecks fit right in, Jeff Foxworthy was a norm with my brothers.

Bob Rivers- 12 Pains of Christmas

Jeff Foxworthy- 12 Redneck Days of Christmas

  During my teenage years my husband introduced me to Adam Sandler and his comedic music went over the line to adult content and a lot of F bombs. A.K.A. don't watch this video if you are under age, it is nasty.

Adam Sandler- Piece of Shit Car

Today a number of funny songs have been coming out of South Korea courtesy of Psy. I'm sure everyone has heard of Gangnan Style, but his newest is just too funny and slightly wrong. Either way I can't help laughing whenever I see it. Apparently girls want to know where he got that body from and he is happy to tell them, he got it from his daddy.

Psy- Daddy (featuring CL of 2NE1)

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