Monday, November 21, 2016

Music Monday with Holiday Madness

  Anyone working retail knows that the Holiday seasons are already in full force. Our store is a glitter paradise, filled with customers in questionable moods. They are all either super giddy or down right nasty. There doesn't seem to be much in-between wiggling room.So as I dress for work I need a little pick me up and look on the brighter side. Yes, I may be headed into work way to early, but that means more hours and money talks. So, instead of grumbling about the time I'll think of the Christmas wishes I am helping come true and the money I could seriously use right about now.

  Working the Christmas season is like getting the best and the worst of hitting the lotto. Sure you'll get a little change in your pocket, but everybody and their brother is now seriously needy. Needing an early morning groove to get me moving, I decided I would share a newer song by Exo. I've shared a song by Exo K before as the band was split into two. One side was Exo K (Korean) and one was Exo M (as they sung in Mandarin). Now with members leaving the groups they have pulled the last 9 members together to form one unit who is now simply Exo.

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  So, cheers for hitting the Christmas season lotto with a beat to get you going. Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe Black Friday.

Exo- Lotto

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