Monday, August 29, 2016

Music Monday as if it Were Your Last Day


  With my son starting his Senior year in high school and apply to colleges, our family has been planning for our future. Hopefully in the next year I'll get enough training to become a manager, so I'll have more chances for employment when we move back down south. We are looking into jobs, towns, convenience, prices and a point where we can all be happy.

  For me all the planning makes me happy, but stressed. We all have to deal with the worries of the normal every day like work, bills, family issues, trying to keep up with my very minimal social life and helping friends who need help along the way. It's easy to get overwhelmed with everything life throws at you. Of course, we all have those days we wish we could avoid adulting like the plague. What can you do, that's life.

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   In book 3 of my Zogone Sagas- Ancient Enemies a few of my characters are dealing with the worst stress imaginable, trying to save the life of a family member they had all thought long dead. We might not have their problems on a normal bases, but problems in life can add up. The problem with having to face the world is that a person can't deal with more than they can handle. Humans have to learn every once in a while to take a step back and think about themselves once in a while. I don't mean be a crazy diva like, "My birthday is this month, so the whole month has to be devoted to me!" That is just crazy. It's ok to think about yourself once in a while, pamper yourself. Even if it is just making time to do your nails or read a good book, anything so that you aren't to busy making a living to actually live your life. Once in a while, its ok to just stop and think about what you will regret missing out on if this were your last day on Earth.

  To keep with this idea, I picked today's song to remind us that we can't deal with everything and some times we just need to wonder, "What if this was my last day?" I'll share two versions of this. The song was originally sung in German and was called Der Letzte Tag. Literally meaning the last day. When this band's album was remade in English they changed the title slightly to Final Day. There isn't a video made for Final Day other than lyrics ones, so I'll share another fan's video. I'll also share the official MV for Der Letzte Tag, because even if you don't understand German the band, Tokyo Hotel seriously rocks this song. Did I mention this is one of my favorite bands and can't resist sharing them.
Final Day (Lyrics) - Tokyo Hotel

Tokio Hotel - Der letzte Tag

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