Monday, May 2, 2016

Music Monday For Everyone Who Works to Make a Living

  Lately I've been working 5 days a week and I constantly feel dog tired. Sure I only work part time, but I'm old school. I am proud to have a job, especially one I love, so I make sure to show the boss he was right in choosing me to do it. I work my ass off, run instead of walking, go the extra mile to help whomever needs it and use my best southern manners even to the nastiest customer.

  Even so, some days I just don't want to get out of bed. Tucking into my blankets with our baby ferret snuggling under my chin, seems so much more appealing than dealing with a customer who yells at me about coupons or not having enough stock right after a sell.  Those days are what Dolly was talking about. Back then I was to young to understand, but now I hear ya sister as so many others do.

  To all those tired, anxious, stressed people working to make a living: here is an old song just for you. Be proud that you go to work every day and work your tail to the bone. Without all the working class people, the world would simply stop moving. Remember you are the one who keeps society going. Give that great customer service, because you never know if your smile is the only highlight of someone else's day. And I'll keep up with my writing even if I doze off in my notebook from time to time.

  Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

  And P.S. Just so we know, my boss is nothing like Dolly's. My boss is like a big Papa Bear. He takes care of all of us. Without his support our store would have quickly fallen apart. Three years later and we are known as the friendliest, fastest, cleanest, best stocked store around. A visit from the higher ups actually got us the complement of being Grand Opening Ready. Which is the best complement any store can receive!

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