Monday, May 16, 2016

Music Monday With a Sickness

  I'm still struggling along through Obsession: A History By: Lennard J. Davis and learning all about what makes a seemingly normal person slowly slip into a sickness of the mind. Honestly, this isn't my first difficult character to write. Some characters have filled my dreams with nags and complaints, a few even leading to books of their own. But, not once have I ever had a character that has so completely confounded me until now.

  Writing out the books outline was enough to bring me to tears. The monster this young man becomes was enough to make my stomach turn and disgust me. The problem is he doesn't start out this way. To reel the girl in, he is confident and charming. The first few chapters he is everything she could ever want in a lover, but he slowly changes as his confidence wanes and hidden complexes start to show. Fear from the lose of his parents is redirected toward her. Fear of losing her too changes him and turns into obsession, madness, sickness.

  I imagine the best way to describe these feelings has already been shown by the band Disturbed. What do you think? Have they got the right idea?

Disturbed- Down With the Sickness

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