Monday, May 9, 2016

Music Monday to Find a Monster

  Here is an update on my 'Anikin" dilemma. Not being a psychopath myself, it is hard for me to pull up the emotions it would take to turn someone who is loving, caring, smart and charming into a monster. So, once again  I'm hitting the books and doing research that blows my mind. Surprisingly this is even worse than my zombie research that taught me the ends and outs of a corpse's decomposition.


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  My main research into the psychology behind this type of character is based on obsession, so I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning and see where the emotion came from. To that order, I started reading Obsession: A History By: Lennard J. Davis.

  Not to tute my own horn or anything, but I can honestly say I am a very smart woman.  I'm smart enough to read books on psychology and understand what they are talking about. But, I have to say this book is taking me a while. Its almost like translating words from another language. I understand, but I have to check my mental dictionary with every other word. I'm learning a lot about the human mind. There are a number of topics in this book I already knew people have done, but Mr. Davis explains the when, why and how of things in a way that make me fully understand it. But alas, it is major research and I'm only half way through the book after two weeks. To much info and translating make my head hurt.

  Over the next few weeks, I'll drop in to update everyone on how my research is going. Until then, here is today's Music Monday video to help me find my character's monster inside.

Meg & Dia- Monster


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