Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tunes Tuesday For a Favorite Character

  Yes, I finally have a weekday off that isn't completely packed with a million items on my to-do-list. I didn't get the promotion I was hoping for, but I opened my eyes to a whole new world. After a few weeks of intense training I have become a certified framer. With my mind filled with art, I thought I would dedicate this Tunes Tuesday to a character whose image brings to mind all sorts of artsy, fantasy worlds, especially Neverland.

  One of my weird quirks is I love the idea of flying off to a fantasy world of magic creatures be they Tolkien's elves or  Tinker Bell herself. And, for some strange reason I love songs about Peter Pan. I've recently come across a country songs that not only tells a story of love, but also puts her own spin on the old tells of Peter Pan, showing how it can relate to today's world. You'll have to check it out and see how nice it is.

Kelsea Ballerini - Peter Pan

  Another of my favorites, since I was a teenager and my go to song for playing billiards, singing along dancing, a usually winning the pool game.

Blues Traveler - Hook

  And my always present EXO even has a Peter Pan song they sing at concerts.

EXO - Peter Pan

  Crazy boys and their even crazier Exo- L's! (yes I'm an Exo Lovely)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thrilling Thursday and Back Into Action

    First, I'd like to apologize for the long absence. Work and life in general has been crazy here. That means I haven't really been writing either. Honestly, I haven't had the motivation to write lately. Between writing myself into a hole, with characters that frustrate me and being lazy I haven't done much. Come to think of it reading used to be one of my favorite things in the world. I have barely picked up a book over the last year, which is sad. That is until recently...

Related image
  I found a web site where I have been reading amateur writer's work. Their excitement and enthusiasm for writing gave me a kick start. I've taken a page from their ideas and started writing short chapters as a writing technique just to get the ball rolling again. I've started making myself tote around a small notebook to add a line here or there, whenever I have a free moment. It isn't much and won't become a book, but I'm writing again using things I know from working at an arts and craft store.

  My main character is written as a sales associate in a similar store. She gives knitting classes and is well loved by her customers. I go into detail having her explain to newbies how to start knitting, which leads to a regular customer introducing her to her son. He takes one of her classes just to have a chance to spend more time with her making sure to let her know he is interested in a lot more than her knitting skills.
Image result for knitting

  Sounds like a great idea for a story and using what I know from work is making the words just pop out of my mind freely. If there is enough interest, I might be talked into sharing it here. But, that is completely up to all of you. Interested? Drop me a comment.

(Pictures from Google. Credit to owners.)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Music Monday with Holiday Madness

  Anyone working retail knows that the Holiday seasons are already in full force. Our store is a glitter paradise, filled with customers in questionable moods. They are all either super giddy or down right nasty. There doesn't seem to be much in-between wiggling room.So as I dress for work I need a little pick me up and look on the brighter side. Yes, I may be headed into work way to early, but that means more hours and money talks. So, instead of grumbling about the time I'll think of the Christmas wishes I am helping come true and the money I could seriously use right about now.

  Working the Christmas season is like getting the best and the worst of hitting the lotto. Sure you'll get a little change in your pocket, but everybody and their brother is now seriously needy. Needing an early morning groove to get me moving, I decided I would share a newer song by Exo. I've shared a song by Exo K before as the band was split into two. One side was Exo K (Korean) and one was Exo M (as they sung in Mandarin). Now with members leaving the groups they have pulled the last 9 members together to form one unit who is now simply Exo.

Related image

  So, cheers for hitting the Christmas season lotto with a beat to get you going. Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe Black Friday.

Exo- Lotto

Monday, August 29, 2016

Music Monday as if it Were Your Last Day


  With my son starting his Senior year in high school and apply to colleges, our family has been planning for our future. Hopefully in the next year I'll get enough training to become a manager, so I'll have more chances for employment when we move back down south. We are looking into jobs, towns, convenience, prices and a point where we can all be happy.

  For me all the planning makes me happy, but stressed. We all have to deal with the worries of the normal every day like work, bills, family issues, trying to keep up with my very minimal social life and helping friends who need help along the way. It's easy to get overwhelmed with everything life throws at you. Of course, we all have those days we wish we could avoid adulting like the plague. What can you do, that's life.

Image result for i don't want to adult today

   In book 3 of my Zogone Sagas- Ancient Enemies a few of my characters are dealing with the worst stress imaginable, trying to save the life of a family member they had all thought long dead. We might not have their problems on a normal bases, but problems in life can add up. The problem with having to face the world is that a person can't deal with more than they can handle. Humans have to learn every once in a while to take a step back and think about themselves once in a while. I don't mean be a crazy diva like, "My birthday is this month, so the whole month has to be devoted to me!" That is just crazy. It's ok to think about yourself once in a while, pamper yourself. Even if it is just making time to do your nails or read a good book, anything so that you aren't to busy making a living to actually live your life. Once in a while, its ok to just stop and think about what you will regret missing out on if this were your last day on Earth.

  To keep with this idea, I picked today's song to remind us that we can't deal with everything and some times we just need to wonder, "What if this was my last day?" I'll share two versions of this. The song was originally sung in German and was called Der Letzte Tag. Literally meaning the last day. When this band's album was remade in English they changed the title slightly to Final Day. There isn't a video made for Final Day other than lyrics ones, so I'll share another fan's video. I'll also share the official MV for Der Letzte Tag, because even if you don't understand German the band, Tokyo Hotel seriously rocks this song. Did I mention this is one of my favorite bands and can't resist sharing them.
Final Day (Lyrics) - Tokyo Hotel

Tokio Hotel - Der letzte Tag

Monday, August 22, 2016

Music Monday to Get You Going

  Shhhh, we're still sleeping. We wish! Nope it is the dreaded Monday morning again and if you are anything like me, then you are seriously dragging ass. My son being the wonderful, hilarious young man he is told me this morning, "Ma look this up and you'll get a good laugh out of it."

  So, just to make him happy I looked up his video on Youtube and I swear I haven't laughed that much in years. If you need a little something to perk you up and help you get a smile on your face to start the day, then you have hit the right place. Watch this video and join me in LMAO.

Image result for big smile

The Salt and Pepper Diner - John Mulaney

  Now, if you listened to the whole video I'm sure you have this song running through your head. So, listen to it and try real hard to hold back your snorting laughter.

What's New Pussycat? Tom Jones

Image result for big smile

Monday, August 15, 2016

Music Monday with Shooting Stars

 Your local slacker is back at it. Being busy or procrastinating or just lazy excuses could be added here, but the truth is I have just been overwhelmed with worries and anxiety. My store must have a curse on it right now. It seems like all my friends I work with are having issue after issue right now.

  There have been a number of car accidents, plus a motorcycle accident. We have illness and a number of random operations, not to mention one of those was for our favorite boss man. So, lucky us, we get a replacement store manager for the next four weeks or so. *cringe*  There have been bad customers, no customers and even horrible birthday parties I've hosted. Not to mention the ones who have special needs kids they desperately love, yet get so stressed over.

  On the plus side there have been babies and weddings, graduations and hope for the future. Find new ways to better yourself, like I am by starting to learn a new language, Tagalog. But for now, all of us could use a wish on a shooting star to keep us pushing along. If like us your luck has been on the crap side of the shingle lately here's a shooting star just for you. Take a breath and make a wish for some good luck to come your way. And if it is your birthday soon, don't waste that wish use it to help everyone.

  B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Friday, June 3, 2016

Freaky Friday With My Obsessions

  Finally... it took oh so long, but finally I have finished reading Obsession By Lennard J. Davis. I now have a full understanding of how mental disorders, illnesses and even the vapors first came known to the public eye. There are so many things that I learned from reading this book. Mr. Davis knows his subject and is a brilliant rationalist. For me reading this book was like pealing onions. I struggled, pealing each page back, eyes watering as I squinted to fully understand and digest each word. Some bits of knowledge were left in soggy piles on the side while other bits were rolled up into notes to make onion rings later.

  One such ring of knowledge was about a Dr. Edward Perch of London, England. He believed that the type of obsessive love that leads to stalking is a curable illness like alcoholism, with the proper medicine and rehabilitation it can be cured. To that idea he opened the first stalker clinic Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, New London.  Here is a news article I found in the Huffington Post.

World’s First Stalking Clinic Opens, Offers Treatment And Rehab For Stalkers

  By taking the time to research the obsessive mind, I think I finally understand how a person can change so drastically, what can send a seemingly normal person over the line and what emotions make them unable to see what they are doing is wrong. People are not ruled by thoughts of right or wrong, emotions.... love, fear, obsession... those are the things that force us to react and not always in an except-able way.

Anxiety, depression, OCD, Aspergers syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Autism and obsession are all just different ways of looking at the world. You may live seeing everything sad or scary, while others can only see what is out of place. Some see the world as strange shapes that simply revolve around their tiny bit of personal space. Then there are others whose mind runs faster so that the world around them seems to go in slow motion. I know people who have all of those conditions and a number of other mental 'disorders' but for me it begs to be seen whether or not some people are normal or just regular, while the ones with these so called disorders are actually the exceptionally gifted ones who can see and experience what everyone else can not.

  I usually don't add songs on Friday posts, but this one is just perfect to describe our topic on what goes through people's minds. Listen to the lyrics and it is easy to see the lead singer James Davis knows a thing or two about our topic. After the link I'll add the lyrics in case you don't catch them all.

Korn: Coming Undone

Coming Undone By: Korn

Keep holding on
When my brain's ticking like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts
Have come again to get me
Sweet bitter words
Unlike nothing I have heard
Sing along, mockingbird
You don't affect me
That's right
Deliver it to my heart
Please strike
Be deliberate
Wait, I'm coming undone
Irate, I'm coming undone
Too late, I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate
Wait, I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate
Choke, choke again
I find my demons were my friends
Pity me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young
I tasted sorrow on my tongue
And this sweet sugar gun
Does not protect me
That's right
Trigger between my eyes
Please strike
Make it quick now
Wait, I'm coming undone
Unlaced, I'm coming undone
Too late, I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate
Wait, I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate
I'm trying to hold it together
Head is lighter than a feather
Looks like I'm not getting better
Not getting better
Wait, I'm coming undone
Unlaced, I'm coming undone
Too late, I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate
Wait, I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong, so delicate