Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday- For the Not So Okay and My Pitiful 100th Post

08/27 Music Monday- For the Not So Okay and My Pitiful 100th Post-

   First off, please excuse the missing posts from Wednesday and Sunday. As a child I ran wild through the woods in the South happy as a bug without a care in the world and never had a problem with any plants. On Sunday I helped deal with a dead tree covered in climbing vines. By Tuesday I had gotten a rude awakening. Apparently you can never have a problem with poison plants as a child, then suddenly form an aversion to them as an adult.

  By Wednesday both my arms were covered and my face had started to swell up. By Thursday My face was twice the size as normal and my neck had started to swell alarmingly too. Thursday afternoon meant a trip to the ER to be hooked up to an IV. All weekend it has been prescription meds, which will continue for 12 days, Benadryl, rubbing alcohol, calamine lotion, pealing skin and itching bad enough to drive me complete insane. Most of the swelling is gone now and a good percent of the rash is too, so I’m slowly on the mend.

  But this song explains so well how I feel right now, while slightly woozy from meds and itching in an ungodly way.

      My Chemical Romance- I'm Not Okay

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