Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday- Music to Help You Keep Dreaming-

  08/13- Music to Help You Keep Dreaming-
        From Old Dreams-

  In my book Old Dreams Arlene gets memories of her past life in pieces, through dreams, nightmares and hallucinations. Then, there is Brian. He was Arlene’s husband in her last life, though she doesn’t remember it and  in this life she has no idea who he is. 

  Arlene might be the one having daydreams, but what about Brian’s hopes and dreams for the future. When his wife was murdered, he was cryogenically frozen for almost five hundred years until Colleen could be reborn as Arlene. The second the alien Zogone’s computer recognized her life force, Brian was awoken and rushed to her side only to find a lovely young woman who was attracted to him, but had no idea who he was.

  So, while she recovers her past, he can only dream of the future they were meant to have together. I think this song fits him perfectly.

Here Without You By: 3 Doors Down

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