Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- #sixsunday

       08/12- From Talkers-

  Her eyes traveled up to his face and he had to be the most beautiful man she had ever seen, with almost feminine features. His pointed nose was a bit thin, added to a tiny slightly pointed chin, high cheek bones, long cosmetically thinned eyebrows, one of which was pierced, which went surprising well with long dark eyelashes and a pair of dazzling bright green eyes. He was a man who could make even a woman like her sigh in pure enjoyment from just the sight of him.

  Clearing her own throat with a delicate cough into her fist, she tried speaking, hoping she didn’t sound like an overheated lusty housewife. "My father is in the back taking a call at the moment, but I can help you if you like."

  When he spoke his voice was heavily accented from naturally speaking an alien language. "I vas told I could find a Ms. Shayle Forester here.
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  1. Oh dear! Interesting hook at the end. Would definitely keep the reader going. Nice six.