Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday- Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone.

  When writing a believable character, you have to give them traits, likes, dislikes, a past, even hopes for the future. But, sometimes you start out with one type of character, then to move the storyline along you have to pull them out of their comfort zone. Sometimes they have to leave everything they know behind to get where they need to be, to become the person they always hoped they could be.

  A prime example is my Zogone character Sam. The family finds him in Old Dreams on Earth hunting the Puritan Vampire. After they destroy the monster, his reason for fighting is gone, so what is a guy with vampire powers to do with himself when there is no enemy left to fight? Move on and find more bad guys to fight and more innocents to save. So, Sam leaves his old life behind and moves to the Zogone's home planet Adrivar to join their military, where he can finally use the powers he was born with from the monster father he had just killed.

  A real life hero like this, willing to do whatever it takes  to become who he wanted to be does exist. Three of them actually. They left behind the band that had made them famous, to get out of a life they didn't want. Together they fought and won the chance to become who and what they really wanted to be. They are now known as Jyj. I'll share a link at the end to help you find more info about them. But, of the three one stands out the most.

  His name is Kim (surname) Jaejoong. Not only did he go out on a limb with his two best friends, but he has also now came out with his own solo album and this album took a lot of guts to make. Being used to being a R&B/Pop/Dance group, you would think he would stick to what he knows, but he didn't. Instead, Jaejoong became the man he always wanted to be and created his own Rock solo album.

  So, today's Music Monday is showing what it felt like to be chained down, then break free and become the character, the person you want to be, which happens to be the point behind his first video Mine.

Mine By: Kim Jaejoong

To learn more about Jyj, you can find them here-
On Facebook
Their entertainment agency's site. C-Jes
Kim Jaejoong on Twitter
Member Junsu on Twitter
The third member, Yoochun also has a Twitter account, but isn't active.

Also, for a spacial extra here is two of Jyj's songs so you can understand the major difference between JYJ and the huge risk Jaejoong took making his Rock album.

One of Jyj's normal Korean songs.
Get out By: Jyj

One of their English songs from their American album- The Beginning.
Empty By: Jyj

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