Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snippet Sunday Without Super Powers.

 I've been talking about the special abilities of some of my heroines, but not all of them have special super powers. The heroine of my book His Kiss is all to human. In fact she has a lot of hidden weaknesses, the main one being that she has accidentally fallen in love with her best friend Taylor. We all have our issues in life, some we don't like to advertise either. Amber's major human quality she likes to hide is a car phobia. Every heard of that or know someone who might have it? For this weeks snippet check out Amber's reaction to a bus ride.

From His Kiss-
   The bus ride was only about five minutes before she pulled the rope to get off. No matter
how little time she was on the bus, her nerves were on edge and she was tempted to find a trash
can to barf in.

  "God I hate automobiles and crazy drivers." She groaned stopping on the sidewalk to
calm herself.

  From twenty- five she counted backward to one, taking a deep breath with each number to
calm herself down. Smoothing her sweaty palms over her skirt, she squared her shoulders and
walked the last block to Gary and Karen's.

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  1. You certainly depict her mood well here! I'm tense right along with her - great snippet!