Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snippet Sunday With the Super Powered Mechanic

 Not all my heroines have obvious super powers or strange alien abilities. Some of my heroines are all to normal, Earthlings who are a special breed of their own. The heroine of my last released book, Talkers is definitely a one of a kind. And from chapter one her special abilities are made obvious. So for this weeks Snippet Sunday I'll give you the first six sentences of the book and a peek into Shayle's life.

From Talkers- 

                       Chapter One

  Since she was old enough to walk, Shayle had been in constant residence in her father’s hanger bay. There wasn’t a ship that had come in for service that she hadn’t touched or fiddled with in more years than she cared to remember. Now in her early thirties there wasn’t a fighter plane or cargo ship she couldn’t take apart and put back together even better than it was before.

  Along the way she had lost most of her femininity, replacing it with threadbare automotive jumpsuits and lean muscles from hoisting motors and transmissions. There was even a time or two she had been forced to use those muscles to defend herself and her father’s business from drunkards and even loan sharks trying to repossess a clients plane. It had given her a well known reputation for being not only a top notch mechanic and pilot, but also a woman who could easily take care of herself.


  1. She definitely sounds like a person I want to read more about - excellent excerpt!

  2. Sounds like my kind of woman!
    Nice 8!

  3. What a strong woman, but I have to wonder if she wants more than to be known as a woman who can take care of herself. Great snippet.

  4. Love a strong woman. Excellent snippet.

  5. She sounds strong and competent, but do I detect a hint of something else about to be revealed? Great snippet.

  6. Nothing better than a strong woman. Loved this and can't wait to read more. Great job. :-)