Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday-

 For the second week in a row, I've gotten busy and forgot to do my Hump Day Hunks post. Well yesterday I wasn't just busy, but also convenience it was Thursday. I was getting a head of myself again. A bad habit of writers who tend to spend too much time with their imaginary friends.

So instead of the Hump Day Hunks, how about a question for those hunks. Should I throw in a love triangle into my Sci-fi Romance Young Adult work in progress? End of the world, bad aliens attacking, fighting to save your planet with the help of a very sexy alien. Then, steps in another human survivor. Should I add the twist or is saving the planet and dealing with one hero enough drama to keep the readers going? What do you think?

  And don't miss out on my upcoming blog hop. I'll be giving away a copy of one of my books and talking all about what it means to be lucky in love.

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