Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hump Day Hunks for America's Heroes

  Tomorrow is the 4th of July and a national holiday in my country. It is the anniversary of the day the United States became an independent nation, so appropriately named Independence Day. So, I'll share an excerpt from my favorite American Hero character, Sam from the Zogone sagas and hero of Past Regrets.

     From Past Regrets-

  Sam curled up in a borrowed bunk in one of the guest quarters, with his hands crossed under his head and his long legs stretched out to where they crossed at the ankles. For the last hour, since he had plopped down on the bunk his thoughts had led him a merry chase, forcing him to stare at the wall as if lost in space.

  Not only had Ginger paid him the least bit of recognition when he entered Daimlar’s office, but she had gotten the heck out of Dodge the second she was able to. Instead of being offended by Ginger’s actions, they had given Sam hope.

  If Ginger had shaken his hand and acted like an old acquaintance, he would have been worried, but no, not his Ginger! No, Ginger acted as if he didn't exist, then when she was forced to face up to knowing him, she ignored him. Then she had excused herself formally without directly communicating with him.

  Obviously Ginger was totally pissed off to find out he was going to be her partner for this mission. People who didn't care didn't get pissed. Girls who still had feelings for a man, definitely did get more than a little upset. That had to mean Ginger still felt something for him. Something was better than nothing.

  Four years ago, Sam had blamed himself for all the world’s problems just because of his own violent birth. It took four hard, lonely years for him to realize he had always helped more than he had harmed the world.

  It also took those same four years for him to realize what a damn fool he had been to walk away from the one woman who had ever looked at him as more than a monster. She had looked at him like a man, one she cared about—and he had lost her, because of stupid pride.

  When Josh had told him about this mission, Sam jumped at the chance to be the appointed Warrior Delegate. Josh had even worked it to look like the Delegates had come to him, forcing him to prove himself, when everyone there knew he had nothing to prove. Every Delegate that knew him, knew they could count on him in any situation. Sam had busted his butt to gain the Delegates’ respect and his position among them.

  Screw the military, Sam had volunteered for this mission for one reason, to use the time alone with Ginger to win her back.


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