Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snippet Sunday- A Nasty Confirmation Or...?

When a girl meets the man of her dreams she smiles unconscionably, thinks of him randomly and dreams of him from time to time. But, what happens if he wants someone else, even in your own dreams? This weeks snippet is a piece of a scene from my favorite of all my books, Zogone book #1- Old Dreams. What does Arlene get after meeting Brian? Memories? More questions? Confusion? Maybe even a little self awareness she never would have imagined.

    From Old Dreams-

  Her knees grew weak as he pulled her closer, wrapping his arms firmly around her until their bodies touched from their chests down to their knees.

  His lips continued to brush tantalizingly over hers as he spoke. “I’m so glad you chose to stay with me. I love you Colleen.”

  Arlene pulled back sharply, placing a hand firmly on his chest as she looked up at him in confusion. “I’m Arlene, remember? Whose Colleen, Brian?” She grabbed his arm and softly shook him. “Whose Colleen?”

  Brian pulled her back into his arms with a sweet smile and whispered, “My wife."


Want to read the full excerpt or grab a copy of the beginning of the Zogone Saga for yourself. Go - HERE! 


  1. Now there's a mood killer! Good job!

  2. Oh dear, NOT what a woman wants to hear! Excellent excerpt!

  3. Thanks guys. I couldn't help writing that one when it came to mind. One harsh kill in the guts if you ask me! :)

  4. Oh, great, not only is he calling her by the wrong name, it's his WIFE'S name. Smack, slap, and slam!