Monday, July 22, 2013

#MusicMonday for One of My Favorite Characters

Today's Music Monday goes out to one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, a kick ass heroine who makes the phrase girl power sound like a game for girl scouts. A teen age PI who doesn't take crap from anyone, whose middle name should be justice, a girl who looks out for the underdog and makes you just love her spunky attitude. Who is she? The main character of an old show called Veronica Mars and guess what? She is coming back. With the help from the show's many fans, the producer and actors have raised the money to make a Veronica Mars movie and I can't wait to catch it in 2014.

  Any of my readers also Veronica Mars fans? If not you should serious catch a rerun or two. Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars kicks some serious butt and one of the all time best role models for women. So for Kristen for helping raising the money for the movie and her character Veronica, here is the theme song for the show. Its a song I keep on my MP3 player that always makes me think of the show.

We Used to Be Friends By: The Dandy Warhols

  And if you are interested in the Veronica Mars movie, here is the teaser that just appeared over the wekend at the San Diego Comic-Con.

First look: Veronica Mars movie

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