Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Monday in One of Those Days

   Between work stuff and life in general, I'm just moody today. And might I say some days technology is a huge pain in the can. So, I came across a song a few weeks ago and it isn't really my kind of thing, but it kind of fits today. I'm not feeling sexy or naughty, but bitchy for sure.  What do you think of my new find? A bit odd or just wrong? It is catchy for sure. And hopefully it will pull me out of my nasty mood.

Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me By: Tata Young

  So my automail cosplay arm for my son is deep in progress now. We have almost all of the patterns cut out and most of those have a first or second coat of paint. I've come up with some great ideas on how to put it together. I have his shirt, (which has to be modified still), I found pants, a belt and boots. Now we just need to find a red long jacket or cape. And seriously do no normal stores have Little Red Riding Hood costumes any more? I haven't found one this year. Maybe later I can find something in a party store or if all else fails I'll have to hit Ebay, before this year's Comic Con.

  I was hoping to have it all done by Thursday so he could wear it for anime club if nothing else. He will just have to go sans jacket. Any ideas where I could find a plain red jacket or cape like the picture below that I could paint the stencil on dirt cheap? I'm serious not getting a pre-made one. The cheapest one I found was $60 and that is nuts. If all else fails I can order fabric and sew it myself.

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