Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Monday With the Sound Mix that Started it All.

   Those of you that normally read my Music Monday, should know by now that I love songs that fix all sorts of sounds, genres and have something to do with love. I'm pretty sure that my love of such thrilling mixed up sounds actually came from Guns N' Roses. The first song I ever heard that was a sound mixture and sparked my interest was November Rain.

  This was probably the most epic song of its time and one of the longest I know of and one of the longest as the video is actually nine minutes and eight seconds long. I have to say I miss the big hair bands of the 80's with their hard rock, heart breaking ballads.

  This song in particular is one I can't listen to without tearing up. It was also probably the first video I saw which had both a love story and filled with grief of losing that loved one. For me, it makes a great background song for writing the saddest scenes.

November Rain By: Guns N' Roses


  1. Estranged, off that same double-album, gets me all choked up.

  2. Their song Civil War also kills me. They sure don't make them like that any more.