Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Monday for Making Love in the Rain!

  By now all of my readers should know I'm a huge sucker for anything love related. That is probably why I'm such a huge fan of Asian dramas, which tend to be remakes of girl's manga books and romantic comedy type stories.

  I've shared songs in Japanese and Korean, so here is a new one for you. This song is by one of my favorite Taiwanese Actresses Rainie Yang and is part of the OST (official sound track) for her drama Hi My Sweetheart. It is a romantic comedy that is both sweet and slightly overboard comedy wise. You'll go from laughing out right to groaning at absurdity of it.

  I've watched her dramas since the beginning of my love affair with Asian dramas and she has remained a favorite. I've gone back and re-watched her dramas Devil Beside You and Why Why Love countless times. I thought of her the other day when I caught a new movie she had made last year called Heartbeat Love. 

  She is not only a fantastic actress, but also has a lovely voice I wanted to share one of her beautiful love songs. It amazes me how quickly she grew from such a cute teen to a beautiful woman. Obviously I love her and hope you do too.

Yu Ai (Rainie Love) By: Rainie Yang

Yu Ai (Rainie Love) With English Subs


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