Monday, December 3, 2012

Music Monday with Two Wild Native American Indians

  When I was writing my Native American Indian contemporary romance,His Kiss, the one song I listened to the most was Apologize by One Republic. It seemed to fit the story so well.

What happens when you find yourself falling in lo…lust with your best friend? Amber's best friend Taylor had been cheated on and dumped by Janet, the woman he loved. When Janet comes back Taylor lied and said he had moved on, proving it he kisses Amber changing everything. No matter what she does she can't forget it, but the only man who is even comes close to helping her forget her feelings, turns out to be Taylor's brother.

  For Janet, after breaking Taylor's heart, then daring to try to win him back is to much. And as the song says, it's too late to apologize. Especially since, by trying to get rid of Janet, Taylor kisses Amber and opens up a huge can of worms. His kiss makes both him and Amber realize their feelings aren't just those of friends.

Apologize By: One Republic

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