Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Day Hunks With a Devil From the High Seas.

  I haven't talked about my book One Wish in a while, so I thought I would share an excerpt about the hero Captain Nero Lorgan A.K.A. The Devil Lorgan, whaler, merchant, pirate feared by many... All except Melanie, the young woman ripped through time.

  From One Wish-

  Nero wondered when he had changed his mind about her and decided to go ahead and marry such a strange woman. There was just something about her that was so unique and intriguing. No matter what he knew he had to find out what it was or it would follow him for the rest of his life, biting him in the butt with the unknown facts and unanswered questions.
  Obviously she was beautiful, but it wasn’t that. Her long dark waves, spanned down to her waist and her eyes were like the richest, finest chocolates. It was true that she was seriously tiny and he now understood what Georgey had meant about her needing some meat on her bones. For once he had to agree with Georgey there.
  Nevertheless, he had seen plenty of beautiful women in his life, from all over during different voyages, both close to home and far away. Throughout his travels he had seen Oriental women who were petite and perfect, Swedish women who could set the blood of any man on fire. Hell, he had even seen flirtatious Hawaiian women who left a man aching, but none were anything like Melanie.
  Nero stretched out his hand and took one of Melanie’s in his. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lilly blink in surprise and start to fan herself at his brazenness. If the girl only knew what he thought about Melanie, she would be more than shocked. Chances were she would probably fall over into a dead faint.
  Ignoring Lilly’s disapproving stare, he redirected his attention to Melanie and asked, “How much do you actually know about me?”
  Melanie made a swiping motion with her had, indicating his person. “This... What you look like. How you talk, dress and act. I know your name and that you are some kind of sea captain.”
  Amused by her point blank statement he chuckled and she felt renewed sparks flash through her body, like being pressed into such a small space with him didn’t already have her hormones screaming. “Ok, well you sure are honest, aren’t you?”
  Giving him a half smile she lifted an eyebrow like she had seen him do earlier, “Brutally honest. Is there any better way to be?”
  Impressed he laughed, “To true. Well, let me tell you a little about myself, then you can tell me all about you. Then I guess we can take it from there.”
  Melanie nodded her understanding and listened as he started. “Well I own a whaling company and quite a few ships, one I personally command. I have a nice town house here in New Bedford, as well as my usual home, which is a nice sized plantation on Nantucket Island.”
  Melanie held her hands up to stop him and asked, “How old are you Captain?”
  “Please Melanie call me Nero and I’m thirty-one. Why do you ask?”
  Reassuringly she smiled, showing him she wanted  to understand, not ripe him apart with questions. “You are telling me facts I don’t need to know. You might as well say I make such and such a year. Like that would make me marry you?” She shook her head, “Not likely. I want to know who you are.” She tapped his chest, “In here. I do not care if you have a big fancy house or you live in a shack. I could care less if you had money coming out of your ears or you have to kill yourself every day to make a dime. I want to know who you are. Like, what is your favorite color?”
  Caressingly he ran a hand through her hair and smiled into her eyes, “Black.”
  Being herself, she laughed at him outrageously, “Black isn’t a color. Honestly, what is your favorite color?”
  Having fun with each of her reactions, he grinned, “Yesterday it was blue like the sea. But today...” He fingered one of her long dark tresses, “Today I have a sudden liking for long black hair.”

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