Monday, May 20, 2013

#MusicMonday With Visual Kei

 If you are a fan of anything Asian eventually you will come across the phrase Visual Kei. What is Visual Kei? It is simple and yet so complex. In Japan in the music scene there was a movement combining everything you think of when you hear punk, grunge, big hair, glam, even rock opera. Take all of those roll them up together in the most visual extreme way and you have Visual Kei. Visual Kei is a form hardcore rockers have taken up to show their energy, love of rock and individuality in the extremest way.

  For more info on Visual Kei culture, clothes and bands here are a few links.


Visual Kei dot com

  For Music Monday I am going to share a song from my favorite Japanese Visual Kei band- The Gazette, one of the wildest, crazy and some times extremest of them all.

Before I Decay By: The Gazette

What do you think of the Visual Kei movement?

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