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Happy Hump Day Hunk On the 4th with SPECIAL!

06/04- A Hunk Worth Researching-
  Happy Independance Day for all my American Readers! Before I jump into my Hump Day Hunk Post I just wanted to post a quick reminder. The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party is all July and there is some great prizes to win. Answer my treasure hunt question correctly and be entered to win a copy of Talkers. My question will be listed on July 5th. So good luck and while you are here leave me a comment. Here's a hint: The answer to my question can be found on this post as well as the link listed on-

Sizzling Summer Reads Party

  Now on to my Hunk Worth Researching...

  Before agreeing to take the security job for the mysterious Ritter Ederhard, Shayle decides to do a little research to know first hand what is in store for their tour. Searching the intergalactic network or IGN and comes up with everything she wanted to know along with things she could have lived without seeing. Here is part of her research scene and the main facts she learned about each band member.

  From Talkers-     

  Checking another link she found personal info on each band member on a fan site dedicated exclusively to Haven Sent.

Drummer: Fritz Maynard

AGE: 25
Height: 5ft. 6in.
Physical attributes: Blond hair, brown eyes, manly muscles. Tattoo- ribbon on back, over shoulder blades. (A picture proved it, showing a rippling artistically done ribbon spread over his shirtless back, with a skull at each end, resting just over each of his shoulder blades.)
Likes: Blanco candy and metro cycles
Dislikes: cold or too bright sun
Bassist: Wagner Dietrich

Age: 26
Height: 5ft. 8in.
Physical Attributes: brown hair, brown eyes and a total rocker image. Tattoos- none, but interested
Likes: pizza and not much else
Dislikes: Pasta Galactica from planet Tomga (particularly- Linguine con le Vongole) and Bavarian Cream Pastries (They are so good he has to work out twice as much.)
Favorites: sporty activities and visiting new places
Guitarist: Petrus Ederhard

Age: 23
Height: 5ft. 11in.
Physical attributes: black hair (originally blond), green eyes, total babe. Tattoos- none (already perfect so doesn’t need any help)
Likes: Girls!!!
Dislikes: committed relationships
Favorites: one night stands and partying
Twin brother: Ritter Ederhard (band’s lead singer)
Lead Singer: Ritter Ederhard

Age: 23
Height: 6ft. 1 in.
Physical Attributes: black hair (originally blond), green eyes, labeled sexiest man alive. Tattoos- The word ‘Freedom’ spelled out in native language, Old Deutsch, on right arm and music notes on left side.
Likes: honesty and full moon light over the clear Metro Dome on Planet Dagna
Dislikes: gold diggers
Favorites: love and music
Twin Brother: Petrus Ederhard (band’s guitarist)

  Shayle tapped on the section where fans had uploaded pictures of the band and found a picture of Ritter and Petrus together. “Well damn, twins!”

  At the bottom of the page was in bold.

  Band Statement: Though everyone doesn’t believe in heaven, everyone needs their own safe haven to go back to. The band is there to be that haven for all their fans. They are Haven Sent.

  A quote from guitarist Petrus Ederhard, “Of course I am God’s gift to all women, so not only are we sent from heaven, but every woman’s own personal haven!”

  “Oh really! I could never see how such nice boys ended up with stalkers.” Shayle snorted sarcastically.

  Petrus was completely gorgeous with the same long black hair, though his was tightly braided in hundreds of tiny dreads that looked like it took forever to do and fell all the way to his waist. Reading more interviews, Shayle learned that Petrus obviously knew how gorgeous he was and was beyond vain about it. He had women by the thousands, a new one-night-stand every night. All his fans knew how he was and willingly lined up to be the next girl he slept with.

  “Ok, now that really explains why they ended up with stalkers. He sleeps with all those girls, never expecting that some of them might fall in love with him and start following him around like little lost puppies. God, this kid sounds like a prick. If I work for them and don’t slap him within those three months it will be a surprise to me.”

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