Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday- Music With Exciting News From Hollywood

 O7/16-Music With Exciting News From Hollywood-

  Over the weekend was the big San Diego Comic-Con, so the media is full of info on cool things to come. One of those things is so cool and exciting I just have to share it. On Facebook I get all the latest info on Resident Evil movie series in my timeline. At Comic-Con Resident Evil hosted a panel to introduce new actors, share the old ones and bring in surprise returning characters. One of the names caught my eye and I had to do a double take, Mika Nakishima.

                                                From the cover of one of her albums-

  I’m sure by now a lot of you know my all time favorite movie is a Japanese manga turned live action movie, Nana. The main character a really cool rocker chick Nana, is played by none other than Mika Nakishima. Now she is going to be in one of my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchises. That is so amazing I had to share it.
Mika, like a number of really talented Japanese entertainers is actually a singer. So, when it came time to cast Nana, Mika was the perfect one to step into the role. No only does she have a lovely voice, but she cut her hair for the role and looks eerily like the manga character.

             Mika as Nana Osaki in a promo for the movie along with Nana's best friend Hachi-
  For Music Monday I would like to share one of my favorite songs, My Medicine. It is the opening song in the movie Nana and is sung by Mika Nakishima. I hope you love it. The song was made into a fan video with some crazy, silly images by another adoring Nana fan.

 Nana the movie- opening song

If you would like to see the movie you can find it online with English subtitles at /japanese-movie/nana/  (and)

  Plus, don't forget there is also a Nana2, which picks up right where Nana ends. If you are a manga fan, I highly recommend reading the book series, but warning it is not for young readers, because there is adult content.

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