Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Monday-

  07/09- Music For Those that Belong Together-

  I recently started listening to a song that always reminds me of two of my Zogone characters, the two main characters of Past Regrets, Sam and Ginger. Sam leaves Ginger to enter the Zogone military, trying to use his abilities to help as many people as possible to make up for all the bad things his evil father did. But no matter how many times he tells himself that he isn’t worthy of being happy, he can’t forget the only woman he has ever loved.

  Despite fighting herself endlessly to remain professional during a mission, Ginger falls for Sam. Even more shocking is when he leaves her at the end of their mission in Old Dreams. In Past Regrets, Sam comes back. Ginger is mad as hell, still holding a bit of a grudge and horrified at herself when she realizes he still holds power over her.

  Telling yourself it is over, that person isn’t good for you or it was never meant to be, isn’t always enough to sway your heart. Sometimes people just need to be with someone else. And Sam and Ginger were meant for each other, he softens her rough edges and she shows him he is worth being loved. If they had a song this would probably be it.

Need You Now By: Lady Antebellum

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