Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hump Day Hunks- A Hunk With a Bad Plan Shouldn't Be So Sexy!

07/25- A Hunk With a Bad Plan Shouldn't Be So Sexy!

  From His Kiss-

  Looking back up she meet Taylor's gaze over Janet's head and his face broke into a huge
grin. Instantly Amber knew what he was planning and grinned back, teeth shinning and barely
holding back a laugh as he pushed around Janet.

  "Amber you finally made it." Then his arms were around Amber and his lips crushed
ardently against hers in a move that was so natural it astonished her.

  The basketball and old backpack in her arms hit the floor as she stood on tip toe to claw
her hands into the long silky strands of his hair. With a hand hooked into the back of her tank
top and the other hand possessively grabbing a butt cheek, Taylor pulled Amber tightly against
his body, forcing a sigh of pure enjoyment through her slightly parted lips. All the long tight
muscles of his body pressed rock hard against her and it felt like she had died and gone straight
to heaven.

  Of course she knew he was the hottest guy she had ever known, but she never had a clue
being in his arms could feel so good and so right. Nor never known how fabulous it would feel
to have his hands on her body. If she had known in the beginning how incredible the experience
would be she might have taken him up on the affair instead of the pizza.

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