Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Hunks with a Pirate who Never Takes No for an Answer-

  When you think of pirates do you think of evil, scary, pillagers or something a little bit sexier? For me, I always think about Captain Nero Lorgan.

From One Wish-

  It seemed simple enough to Nero. Melanie was his wife and he wanted her, only her.

Sure, so maybe this wasn’t the best time or place, but he wanted her and couldn’t change that

fact any more than he could throw her back to the time she had came from, the time and place

where she thought she belonged. But she did not belong in 2010, she belonged here, now, with


  Was he going to sit here waiting for her to tell him no or was he going to prove to her that

she belonged with him? She wants me, that much I do know. No woman could kiss a man like

that or hold a man the way she does, if she didn’t at least want him. Hell, she might even like me

and one day learn to love me. Am I really willing to waste this chance or should I do what I

know is right and go after what I want?

  Before the desire he knew she felt could wholly dissipate, he crawled across the floor

toward her. With the slightest force he pushed her backward to lie on the plank flooring. His

lips silenced her protests.

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