Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tunes Tuesday With a Fantastic Find

  Usually I do Music Monday, but from time to time I mix it up a bit. By now I should know that when the lap top asks to do an update, I should ignore it. So, yesterday after a needed update my browsers kept crashing and it took hours to get them back up and running properly.

  On the up side, the extra day gave me the time to come across a fantastic find music wise. Everyone who knows me, knows I love all types of music. That includes really rocking orchestras like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, specifically their Mad Russian Christmas. My favorite would have to be Apocalyptica, who does kick ass covers of bands like Metallica and Nirvana. I believe I actually shared one of their videos a while back, an original song called I Don't Care with the help of Adam Gontier, lead singer of Three Days Grace.

  Well this morning, I came across a surprising orchestra version from a korean band I've really started to love, JYJ who I've mentioned before a number of times. This is a cover of their song Get Out remade by the
Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra. Listen to the original version, then the remake and see what you think. I personally think they did a fantastic job and deserve a round of applause. What do you think?

Get Out Remake By: Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra

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