Saturday, June 22, 2013

Snippet Sunday for the Sinfully Tempting

  To be different I thought I would share a snippet from my book Talkers and what could be more tempting than a rock star, especially one who goes out of his way to get the girl's attention.

                                                    From Talkers-

  Ritter was their singer and leader of the band, so he had to stand out even more than his friends. He wore tight, red leather pants and a skin tight silk shirt that was black, but sparkled like it was covered in glitter. His mid-back length black hair with the occasional added blond strand, fell around his pale face, which was now bright and sparkly from his stage makeup.

  With his back to her, Ritter knelt down in a crouch, popping up and down a few times apparently to test the limits of his pants. It was better to check them now and waylay any wardrobe accidents that may come up on stage. Every time Ritter knelt down, Shayle's eyes followed the motion as the butter soft leather stretched across his tiny perfect bottom, inviting her to look and her mouth to water.

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  1. Ooh! What young woman could resist???? She's a goner taken by the rock star's mating dance!

  2. He sure is strutting his stuff huh? I'd say he got her attention!

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  3. He seems so professional but I wonder if it's in only purpose doing this.