Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snippet Sunday Happy Father's Day Even for Fictional Fathers

  In my Zogone series there are two Japanese siblings Tamayama and Megumi Yazawa. This Sunday my snippet is dedicated to their father. As a young husband and father, Mr. Yazawa came across a really bad time. His wife went to pick up their 5-year-old daughter Megumi from class one night and was attacked, raped and brutally beaten by an evil vampire. From that night came a son, a sick wife and his sweet daughter who having seen the violence slowly began to change.

  Despite everything all Mr. Yazawa wanted was his family to be happy and healthy, even if that meant giving his children to an alien race as they were the only ones left that could save their family.  So, for Mr. Yazawa here is a snippet from Zogone book 3- Ancient Enemies that shows the true devotion of a father.

From Ancient Enemies-

  Mr. Yazawa was a kind man in his late fifties. Dark hair barely touched with silver, dark complexion and a medium height, typical of Japanese people. He wasn't plain, but at the same time not overly beautiful either. Sitting across from each other, Jade could tell Tama and Mr. Yazawa weren't related by blood. It was also evident that Mr. Yazawa couldn't love Tama more even if he were really his flesh and blood. To him Tama was his helpless child and he the concerned parent who deeply ached from the feeling of failure from not being able to help his child.


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  1. Mr Yazawa seems like a nice guy. I wonder what will happen to the kid if they go the the vampires and if he will still be able to stay with them. Very intriguing.