Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day Hunks- Qualifications of a Hero- Part 4

 For my personal qualifications that are a must have in my heroes, I've shared three qualities.

1-  A since of humor is a must. If he can laugh at his own mistakes, with a charming smile on his face, you can just about forgive him anything.

2-  Is confidence. A man who believes in himself and for what he is fighting for, is a total plus. Even if that means being slightly cocky and arrogant in the process as long as he leaves enough feeling behind to be redeemable in the end.

3- Being courteous doesn't cost a hero anything and shows his heroine she is worth taking care of even if that just means holding a door open for her. Small courtesies show he cares and is thinking of her.

 What could be the fourth quality to stand out after those three? It would have to be one of the most important qualities to me. My heroes have to have trust or rather faith in their heroine. In each of my books I write strong heroines, women who can take care of themselves if it comes down to it. If my heroes don't know that in the start of their story, they learn it pretty quickly.

  From Old Dreams: Arlene the Freshmen college girl, turns out to be one heck of an archer and helps kill the vampire who killed her in her last life.

  From Past Regrets: Her granddaughter Ginger is a military General who has been in the military since she was around eleven, so not only is she fully trained, but has some unusual alien powers to back her up.

  From Ancient Enemies: Snow the wiccan with ice witch powers. Her cousin Jade who is half wiccan. half vampire has the speed, strength and healing abilities from her blood viral disease, vampirism.  Caroline the doctor with alien healing abilities.

  Then the more human girls. From New Beginnings: We have Megumi, a girl who was once a Yankii gang girl, who learned how to fight to survive gang life.

  From One Wish: Melanie who is just an average girl who gets jerked through time to the past and lands in the midst of pirates.

   From His Kiss: A normal contemporary girl Amber, who has fallen in love with her best friend, but he has faith that she will remain his despite the temptation from another man.

  And last, but not least- From Talkers: Shayle is a mechanic turned bodyguard and head of security for a band's tour as a favor to an old friend of her father. Shayle is actually the strongest of all my heroines and is actually hired to protect a rock band from a nasty stalker issue.

  In their on way, each heroine has a hero that has faith in her abilities may they be in fighting, being a protector or just faith in their love. For a hero to be truly strong he needs to know he doesn't have to always worry about his girl and knowing she has his back is always a plus too.

  What do you think? Should the hero always protect the girl or should they be partners who can lean on each other? Which type of characters do you like best?
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