Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday to For a Match Made in Heaven!

 I had originally planned to use a different song today, but then I found out Boa had released her new single and had to watch it. It was so sweet and sad that I have to share it. I'm sure by now most of you know not only my son, but also my favorite South Korean band is SHINee. Well, here is an interesting tid bit for you. Boa and SHINee both work for SM Entertainment and SHINee's youngest member, Lee Taemin, has become a regular dance partner for Boa at live events for her song Only One. Personally I think it was a couple made in heaven as they are the two best dancers in the world. But, that is my opinion.

  For Boa's new single Disturbance, Taemin is featured as the hero in her video. And I couldn't be more amazed or proud of how great he did playing the part of a heartbroken hero. With his tears and facial expression you can feel his pain deeply. Add that on to Boa's breathtaking voice and sad lyrics and it just pulls on your heart strings.
Poster for Disturbance

Disturbance By: Boa

Lee Taemin of SHINee

Here are a few clips of some of the different lives they did for the song. Taemin comes in around 1:38 and is only there till about 2:11, but for the tiny part he has in the performance you can see how well matched they are.

120729 - BoA feat.Taemin - Only one (Comeback stage) - Inkigayo

This is a 47 second clip on a different day of just Taemin's part and as you can see he mixes it up a little and wow do they look fabulous together.

120818 Only One - BoA(Taemin Part Cut)_SMTOWN LIVE

Here is another event they did, which is shot from other angles, so that with all three clips you can see the whole dance routine and it is fantastic. You can see why I think these are the two best dancers in the world, the king and queen of dance! :) Not to mention Boa is a fantastic singer. It is really hard to dance like that and be able to breath, but on top of that she sings and her voice stays perfectly steady. Boa is one seriously talented young woman.

BoA(Feat.SHINee Tae-min) - Only One

If you want to learn more about both Boa and SHINee here are links to their main websites.

Their agency- SM Entertainment

Poster of SHINee from a 2010 concert with all SM talents.

SHINee's Official Website

Screen cap from Dance version of Only One MV
Boa's Official Website

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