Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday That Send Chills up the Spine!

  When I started writing my YA Sci-fi Romance, I wanted it to be something new an exciting, way beyond anything I've ever tried before. I didn't want to write just another sci-fi with aliens. Nor did I want to make some shotty knock off zombie Apocalypse. For my W.I.P. (work in progress), I decided to have a horrible breed of alien monsters go from planet to planet, killing everything in their paths including planets themselves.

  So, after Earth has been invaded by these monsters, my heroine has to go from being a normal no worries, no cares teenage girl to a parent to her younger brother, his protector and even learn to be a warrior to fight and make sure he has a planet left to live on.  Fighting aliens is bad enough, but what happens when the DNA from the monster aliens manages to fuse with human dead bodies... the aliens take control and are reanimated. The first time you come across something like that, how would you react?

  This is part of the scene I started when my heroine comes across her first zombie. She has a 'Barbara reaction' as I like to call it. My sister is one of the bravest women I know, a horror junky, have in love with Steven King, yet.... When she sees a spider she screams really loud and doesn't stop until its dead. I thought writing the scene with a 'Barbara reaction' would make it horrifying and slightly worth a good grin imagining a zombie getting the shoe like the spider. What do you think?

  From YA SFR W.I.P.

  One glance down and pure terror seized her, causing an instant girlie reaction. She started to involuntarily scream and couldn't seem to make herself stop.  After a few panicked kicks refused to break the zombie’s hold on her leg, she leaned away from it. Grasping a thin metal rod off the ground, which vaguely looked like it had once been part of a cement guard post, she jerked back upright.

  Closing her eyes tightly, she slammed the metal rod into the zombie body over and over again, letting out a hysterical scream with each hit. After the zombie‘s grasp finally loosened a bit, she continued the slam, scream, lift of the rod a few more times until she felt safe enough to open her eyes back open.

  Using the end of the rod, she pride the zombie’s hand the rest of the way open, then stumbled back sobbing hysterically, away from the black charred body, which now possessed a pool of bone, congealed blood and smashed brains, where it‘s head had previously been.


  1. An interesting premise! I totally understand that reaction to spiders, though I think I'm getting better. Can't scream when the kids are sleeping. LOL Nice six!