Monday, January 21, 2013

Music Monday With a Writer Outta Her Head-

  Last Monday was great. My son had a great birthday, which means he got a new video game and a triple chocolate cake. Between the time he left for school and came home I had a hugely productive day. I got the waaaaaaay to sugary cake made (triple chocolate fudge with chocolate chips in the batter, covered in Hershey's chocolate whipped frosting.) Plus, I ended up getting a lot of writing done, finished one chapter and almost half of the next. Monday night I even managed to get my Hump Day Hunks post finished and saved for last Wednesday.

  By Tuesday morning, being productive was nothing but a lovely dream. The epidemic like flu that is traveling at light speed all around the world paid me a visit and it is one of those visitors who come, stay and seriously wear out their welcome. After almost a week of living off of fruit cups, because I was unable to keep anything else down and I'm still not up to speed yet.

  Now, on Saturday flu or no flu, we had to go grocery shopping. I spent the time in the store leaning on my cart to keep upright. Tired...tired...dizzy... dizzy. By the time we were done and on our way home I felt completely out of my head. It started with my body kind of slumping sideways in my seat.

  And I thought, "I'm listing."

  Then, "Listing is making a table, a list of different things, but yet at the same time a slow tilting in one direction or another."

  From there my mind started buzzing through the integrates of the human language. How many different ways do we have to say one thing? How hard would it be for a person to understand all the different ways to say one thing in another country's language. And on and on my mind wondered. Until finally I came to a conclusion. Without the worries of our normal world, without the normal locks we have on our minds, in sickness our minds are free to go where it wants. Pure genius can come out of pure madness. The most ingenious minds could be out there locked in some hospital somewhere and only that person would know it.

  So, I thought today's Music Monday would go in honor of everyone who has picked up this bug, ever been really desperately sick, for anyone who has ever really been out of there head like this. And if you haven't, I hope you never do. Grab some vitamin C and try to avoid this bug if you can. Stay healthy and happy reading!

Outta My Head By: Ashlee Simpson

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