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Hump Day Hunks- #06- A Hunk to Come-

Hump Day Hunks- #06- A Hunk to Come-

T  his is a little sneak peek of what is going on in the life of Petrus Ederhard, first seen as the twin brother of Ritter Ederhard hero of Haven Sent saga Book 1- Talkers.
With the stalkers caught, his father back in his life and Ritter making a family of his own, it is time for Petrus to take a hard look at his life.

Unedited excerpt from W.I.P. You Were Wrong!, Book 2 in my Haven Sent saga.

  Grabbing a random acoustic guitar off a hook on the wall, Petrus fingers a guitar pick out of the strings and spontaneously starts to strum a tune. His mind felt clouded and confused as he thought over his reaction to meeting Aidan that afternoon.

  Sure he cared for Val, she was hot and he seriously wanted to sleep with her, but his barely restrained jealousy had surprised him. His usual attitude would have been to say whatever and to hell with a girl who was in love with someone else. A girl in love with someone else was just one more woman who was a headache begging him for a hopeless commitment.

  His reaction to Val loving Aidan was a sudden urge to hide her away for himself. He had a two-year-old’s reaction of wanting to have a fit for someone touching his property. Yes, he had women… loooots of women. But he had never wanted to stake a claim before, never wanted to shout that another person belonged to him. Like you belong to me and I belong to you. That smelled like a commitment with the strength of fresh onions, peppers and garlic in an old world Italian kitchen.

  Rolling himself across the room, Petrus scooped up one of the notebooks Ritter used to write lyrics and a pen. Not thinking about what he was doing, Petrus started scribbling down everything rushing through his mind.

  After thirty minutes of writing, scribbling, ripping up paper and cursing under his breath, Petrus dropped the notebook on the floor between his feet. Only then, with the words firmly swimming around in his mind, did he go back to strumming his guitar.

(Song lyrics are written here, but not sharing them yet!)

  Petrus hung his guitar carefully back on the wall, then set his notebook on the long black soundboard lining the left wall. With one hand on each of the notebook, Petrus dropped his head, closed his eyes for a moment and sighed halfheartedly.

  Then turning, he kicked his stool against the empty far wall with a curse. Whatever Val was doing to him was bound to drive him mad. No woman should have so much control over his emotions. All the confusion, thoughts, feelings of jealousy and hurt, left him pissy and madder than hell.

  It was just a simple matter of dealing with the situation. Once they slept together, she would be out from under his skin. She was just another play thing, a distraction and she only meant so much right now because of the bruises she had put on his ego.

  Once he had her his interest would fade. Like she said, she would just be another notch on his bedpost, just another forgotten lover to add to his long list of past lovers. Then he could go back to only worrying about the situation with his father.

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