Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to the SFR Brigade Mid-summer Blog Hop

In mid-summer there is heat and humidity, the sound of grasshoppers and bullfrogs, along with the pleasant smell of freshly mown grass. But, it isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. Sometimes the heat brings out the crazy in people.  For the action of sticky hot mid-summer, here is an excerpt from my newest release Talkers. Post a comment for your chance to win a copy of the e-book. And don’t forget to hop on over to the other blogs for more chance to win all sorts of great books and prizes. Here is the link to get to the other blogs.

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  My SFR Brigade Mid-Summer Blog Hop entry from Talkers-

 The moment they stepped out of the plane they were assaulted by the dry, dusty atmosphere of the planet. It was so dry and humid, it literally sucked the moisture out of your mouth forcing you to take small hacking coughs before you could breathe. The sun was high in the sky, bright and fiery, making the dry air worse with the increasing heat, making her dark jeans stick to her legs with sweat uncomfortably in a few spots.

  Beyond the stretch of dusty runway and docking area was a long metal fence attached to the long sunny yellow airport terminal.. For the first time on this tour, the airport was mob central. On the other side of the long metal fence was crowded with fans waving, screeches and screams. Forming a tight circle around the band, Shayle led them toward a gate in the fence where their drivers were waiting on the other side with two dark SUVs.

  As they walked, Shayle slowly looked through the crowd. A pair of wide bright blue eyes accompanied by short spiky blond hair caught her attention. Stopping dead in her tracks, Shayle shot a fist into the air, the unmistakable code for stop.

  Flicking the hand part way open, she pointed her middle and index finger upwards and her thumb out to the side creating a backward L. Closing and opening her hand again, she held up one finger. Closing the hand completely into a fist again for full stop, she gave the next code. Flattening her hand out, she sliced it through the air, so they would know to stop and not move again until they were confident it was safe.

  Pushing Ritter back a few steps so he was against Petrus, the other guards closed the circle around them. Then, she walked on, leaving them five feet from the tall gate. Forcing the metal gate open, she slid through the opening quickly and slammed it right back closed behind her.

  Then, instantly she was running, shoving her way through the crowd. The blond girl’s eyes locked with hers and she gasped knowing she had been seen. Turning, the girl tried to push her way through the crowd, but Shayle was too quick, grabbing the girl by her right arm and the longest strands of her hair. Swinging the girl around, Shayle slammed her face first into the closest part of the metal fence. Jerking the girl’s arms behind her, Shayle shoved a knee into the girl’s lower back to hold her struggling form in place.

  To try to calm the crowd, Shayle yelled. “Everyone back up right now and quiet down.”

  Not daring to argue with her, the crowd quieted to a few whispers and Shayle could hear them shuffling backwards. “For the crimes of stalking with the intention to terrorize and possess, you are under arrest by the authority of Galactic Security.”

  The girl’s thin body shook softly as she started to cry and mumble. “I meant no harm. I love him. I only wanted to be with him forever.”

  Letting out a huff, Shayle continued to hold the girl in place with one hand and search her for weapons with the other, while they waited for airport security. “Honey, most women alive love him, but he doesn’t love any of them for longer than a one night stand. You are only one of thousands he has played. If you didn’t realize that I feel sorry for you, but stalking I’m afraid to tell you, is a crime punishable by law.”

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book! Happy Solstice!

  2. Wow, stalking is not the way to go on that world!

  3. Sounds like she is in big trouble.

  4. Big trouble indeed. Thanks for joining the hop!

  5. Wheeee. I have to get this one and Yummy, love the vibrant cover.

  6. Talkers sounds very interesting and the cover is very beautiful.
    Thank you for the giveaways and hop!

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  7. Talkers sounds like a fantastic read!

    Thanks for the excerpt and the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  8. I love how you integrate all the senses in your excerpt. Really makes it tangible for the reader.

  9. What an intense excerpt! Loved it!

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  10. Hi i have to say that i now have to read this book and thank you for being part of the hop. You found yourself a new fan. I am going to download now. Thanks Joannie jscddmj[at]aol]dot]com

  11. Oh wow! I want! This sounds awesome! Im so hooked and cant wait to read this! Love the cover too! Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop!

  12. Humid and dry at the same time? They're opposites!

  13. Love the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Great excerpt! Thank you for sharing it. :) And thank you for the chance to win it.


  15. Really enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for sharing it!


  16. Enjoyed the excerpt!

  17. Very powerful excerpt, made me want to read more,thanks for sharing!

  18. Enjoyed the excerpt very much. Thanks for the contest.

  19. The winners for the two grand prizes have been picked and notified. The winner for my site is Bookattict and will be e-mailed shortly.
    Thank you to everyone who stopped by and as always happy reading.

  20. I know the blog hop is over, but I wanted to come around and comment on the posts of my fellow hoppers. I couldn't get to a computer while the hop was live.

    I love the action in this excerpt. Very good stuff! I'm curious as to who Shayle may love, or fall in love with.