Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hump Day Hunks-

  06/27- A Hunk to Be Feared-

  From my time-travel- One Wish-

  Across town in a small brick house, Captain Nero Lorgan sat behind his desk in his comfy study. With fire bursting forth from his eyes he looked from Georgey to Bo, who had just arrived to tell of their success. “You are back so you must have captured Miss Grant and dropped her at the Inn for the night as you were ordered to do.”

  Bo looked at Georgey pointedly and Georgey tried to explain. “Her driver was to smart and to fast. We couldn’t keep up with them. So no we didn’t get ahold of Miss Grant.”

  Nero sat up in his chair and slightly leaned over the desk to glare at the two men. “Let me get this straight, you let her driver whisk her away, without continuing the chase? Then instead you come back here empty handed?”

  Georgey shifted uncomfortably in his chair and Bo shot him an evil look, making him sputter, “No Cap’n, we didn’t continue the chase, but we didn’t come back empty handed either.”

  Bo shrunk down in his chair, as the captain was sure hatred was sure to have written across his face. “It was his fault Cap’n. He said it would be okay, but I didn’t like it none and I told him so.”

  Nero held up a hand to silence Bo. “What do you mean you didn’t come back empty handed?”

  Georgey squeaked as Nero’s hand shot out swiftly and grabbed the front of his shirt in a tight grasp. “Well you see Cap’n, we was chasen after Miss Grant, until we almost ran over this woman in the middle of the road. I figured there won’t no way we could catch Miss Grant and you said you needed a wife. Then here was this little purdy thing looking lost and frightened. I just thought one woman is as good as another.”

  Nero groaned and released Georgey, “Ok so where is this woman now?”

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