Monday, June 25, 2012

Music Monday- Music for Those Who Can’t Forget

06/23- Music for Those Who Can’t Forget-

  In New Beginnings we learn that there is more to Megumi’s past that tragedy and violence. There was a shinning ray of love and joy in her life, one of her best friends and her first love Ryuu. Using the violence she had seen as a child against her, the Yankii girl gang had reeled her in successfully breaking her and Ryuu up. But even being apart, Megumi couldn’t forget and Ryuu is constantly in her heart if not on her mind.

  This is a song that reminds me of their relationship. It helped me write a lot of back story on Megumi. This song gave her happiness instead of just pain and misery.  Gackt’s Flower is about the woman he lost when he was very young, who no matter what can never be replaced in his heart. Some say it is a song about his ex-wife. His first love who left him after he became famous. His fans wrote her threatening letters and scared her away. Or so the tales go. Who knows, so don’t quote me on that. If you remember I mentioned Gackt before, on the week I did Hyde's Shallow Sleep. As promised here is one of his friend's videos.

Flower By: Gackt

P.S. Please excuse my lack of #sixsunday this week. I got wrapped up in the blog hop and family stuff and didn't realiuze I had forgotten to post my entry until 3pm. I'll save it for next Sunday. So don't miss it.

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